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How Soccer world is ruling the social networking world

Started by RaceHorse, October 01, 2012, 01:25:18 PM

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How the sport of football has become one of the widely played outdoor games is known to everybody, and following the same tradition of leading an industry, soccer teams have gained the mammoth followers on various social networks as well. There are numerous football clubs around the word who have millions of likers from every corner of the world. More importantly, the number is growing like a fire, perhaps, every week there is an addition of millions of followers on twitter accounts only. Knowingly, every major football club has its official twitter and Facebook page where it unveils various facts about its teams, plans, and latest happenings about the sport. Till date, there are thirty two teams who are being participated in champion league and these teams have more than 200 million combined followers, which is indeed a highest figure for any sport industry in the world. Perhaps, it is another first by soccer game.

According to a recent watch by a sport magazine, there happens to be more than 6.8 million followers for Barcelona sport club which is increasing at several millions every week. Next in the tally is Real Madrid who has more than 5.6 million followers. Moreover, Facebook is another popular social networking engine which is dominated by these football clubs. Take an example of Barcelona football club which has 35 million Facebook fans as well, so its total followers including both twitter and Facebook come to astonishing 40.6 million! This shows how dominating football is over other sports on various social networks existed today.

For the sake of clarity, every football fan, these days, prefers to check his favorite team's Facebook page or prefer to read its latest tweets to know what is going on inside its team composition, and from its management side. Moreover, the credibility and accuracy of social networks powered information is more credible than any newspaper or electric media, hence it's growing at a faster speed than one can think of. In coming years, as the mobile social networking technology is developing, more and more soccer fans would join the social gangs of these famous football teams. Importantly, not only English premier leagues but other domestic football leagues and their favorite teams enjoy their biggest social fans club. So, be in the party and enjoy your being at a social network for latest soccer updates!